Non vincit indifferens
The indifferent wins


Legal principles is the first legal consulting that provides services in the field of sustainable development.

We make sustainable development an integral part of the business strategy and an additional resource for the prosperity of clients even in times of serious external challenges.

Thanks to Legal principles, you will receive a complete and vivid non-financial report that will consolidate the criteria for the development of your business in terms of not only financial, but also social, economic, environmental and legal aspects.

Law abiding business activity in the 21st century is not the only guarantee of its prosperity. A progressive and financially sustainable business should be creative and meet the goals of sustainable development of society. You can also join socially responsible business management, which will give you an advantage over competitors in your field.


in the field of sustainable development:

Regularly participating in the largest bankruptcy projects in Russia, we note a steady increase in the initiation of bankruptcy procedings, regular bringing of controlling persons (directors, founders, shareholders, members of the board of directors, etc.) to subsidiary responsibility for the obligations of corporate entities. .

Over the past years, our consulting has been constantly searching for mechanisms to minimize the risks of bankruptcy, ways to protect bona fide beneficiaries from excessive financial responsibility. .

One of the innovative ways to minimize future bankruptcy risks is to compile non-financial reports on which Legal principles specialists will record the indicators that can be taken into account by the courts in your favor when analyzing your integrity.

Our company is a member of the following associations:

Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on Sustainable Business Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Volunteering;

The Committee of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the support of entrepreneurship in the field of a new quality of life and sustainable development.

The Legal principles team of specialists combines expert knowledge in the field of sustainable development, law and marketing.

The background of our non-financial reporting experts is confirmed by the international GRI (GLOBAL REPORTING INITIATIVE) certificate.

Our experts are marked in the Register of specialists of the legal and audit-consulting market in the field of marketing, development, advertising and PR.

Our consulting cooperates with excellent web designers who have developed our website and will help to graphically issue our non-financial report for you.


The concept of sustainable development is a model of the  civilization development based on the need to maintain a balance between solving social and economic problems and preserving the natural environment.

The implementation of business projects that contribute to sustainable development in all aspects — economic, social, environmental, is carried out by commercial organizations both independently and within the framework of membership in unions and associations of the business community.

Sustainable development is based on ESG principles and Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or global Goals are a set of seventeen interrelated objectives designed to serve as a common plan for peace and prosperity for people and the planet now and in the future.

A number of large Russian companies have already successfully taken into account the SDGs in their strategies and non-financial reports, reporting on achievements in their implementation. The number of such companies is growing every year.

The abbreviation ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) can be deciphered as «Environment, Society, Management».

This is a set of rules and approaches to responsible business conduct that contribute to its sustainable development.

E ― Environment ― attentive attitude to the environment. Environmental principles determine how much the company cares about the environment and how it tries to reduce the damage caused to the environment.

S ― Social ― social responsibility, responsible interaction with society as a whole. Social principles show the attitude of the company towards staff, suppliers, customers, partners and consumers. In order to meet the standards, businesses must work on the quality of working conditions, monitor gender balance, and invest in social projects.

G ― Governance ― responsible quality corporate governance. Quality management is based on the principles of transparency of the company’s work, transparency of published reports, high corporate culture, ensuring the safety of customer data, payment of official pay and corruption control.



Doing business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and report this data publicly will help take your company to a completely different level.

  1. Improving efficiency in the social, economic and environmental spheres
  2. Tracking the dynamics of improvements and progress in selected areas
  3. Increasing the value of the company
  4. Increasing the possibility of your business reaching the international level
  5. Increasing investment attractiveness
  6. Protecting and improving reputation, increasing competitiveness
  7. Obtaining loyal credit conditions
  8. Increasing the chance of subsidizing business by the state
  9. Minimizing bankruptcy risks
  10. Confirmation of the integrity of the managing persons in the event of bankruptcy
  11. An additional criterion is to give preference to you at auctions under Federal law 233 and Federal law 44
  12. Increase in customer flow and counterparties interested in cooperation
  13. Improving the image of the employer
  14. Reducing the tax burden
  15. Implementing a PR strategy and increasing brand awareness
  16. Compliance with regulatory requirements, standards and initiatives
  17. Fixing in the history of your contribution to the significant spheres of life of society


Based on the principles of transparency and publicity, non-financial reporting will be able to tell investors, government institutions and the general public about your achievements, goals and challenges of doing business.

Transparency and openness of your business will make you competitive and investment-worthy in the market, and government agencies will not see you as a joker in the pack.


We are open to cooperation with companies, public and industry associations, government organizations and the media.

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